An untitled masterpiece

Inspired by an untitled work of art, with myriad possibilities for interpretations and abstractions, Amsterdam Sauer presents its new collection – Untitled. With new techniques and materials, including exclusive cuts, developed in the Amsterdam Sauer laboratories, and gems which have awaited the ideal design for more than 70 years, the jewelry of this collection interacts intimately with the art universe.


Surprising structures represent art movements of the 20th century, like the cubism, the neoconcretism, the expressionism, the pop art and the Classic Antiquity. The result is a versatile collection, with shapes and textures which avoid the obvious and evoke art symbols.
“I thought of the woman who plans her trips around the world by the innumerable art fairs and expositions but is also seeking for new galleries, unknown artists – a Maecenas of the contemporary life”, states the Creative Director of Amsterdam Sauer, Stephanie Wenk. “For her, art is not status but an intimate pleasure.”






Untitled COLLECTION | Making-Of

With exceptional quality and shape, the opal, protagonist of the Kaleidoscope necklace, receives, by the hands of our artisan, the frame in 18-kt yellow gold. The trillion diamonds confer the kaleidoscope’s sensation of movement, drawing the outline of the structure.


Of cubist inspiration, the pendant Visage offers two different interpretations for the image of thin lines which compose the jewel. At a first look, it is possible to see simultaneously two angles of a same face. However, changing the perspective, it becomes two faces kissing.